A black, star crossed sky (starcrossed_sky) wrote in starsdgmfic,
A black, star crossed sky

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Two broken angels,
Both missing our other halves,
For the sake of being complete,
We smiled but once at each other,
And became lost.

My broken wings drip black with sin,
No longer gifted with the freedom of flight.
You reach to touch them,
Black oil stains your lovely fingers,
You smile and press them to your lips.

My blood stained wings carry me into the sky,
Empty and lonely in all its beauty.
You stand below me, left alone,
Smiling in this world that detests you,
With a guilty heart, I pull your hand to me.

Two halves that might become whole,
This vow might not be worthy of "love."
For the end of loneliness,
Our fingers knit together,
And no apologies are written.
Tags: alma/lenalee, poetry

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