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[Drabble] Understanding

Title: Understanding
Pairings:  Krory/Eliade, implied Alma/Kanda
Summary: In a bizarre way, Krory understood. ((Spoilers for current arc.))

In a bizarre way, Krory understood.

They were all lying injured from the battles that day, battles spanning the entire world, when Allen came in and told them the whole story. Why Kanda, who had always seemed the most loyal to this deal out of all of them, had left. Lenalee had a complete breakdown at the news, and Allen wrapped his arms around her and muttered quietly in her ear. Krory, completely confined to bed because of his injuries, stared at the ceiling. Compared to Lenalee’s loud sobbing, he was completely silent.

He understood, painfully, better than anyone should ever be able to, what it meant to know that the person you cared for most in the world was nothing but memories. He understood, because of Eliade, whose soul he had freed himself, but who he would never see again except in the depths of his dreams. Because the surface personality of an Akuma bore no relation at all to the soul trapped inside, and it was the Akuma Eliade that he had loved. And because of Chomesuke, who had been their friend the brief time she had known them, and in the end had sacrificed herself, destroying Akuma and soul both.

Krory hadn’t known Alma, and had never really liked Kanda that much, but he understood the finality of their loss, and so he stared at the ceiling and cried, lying awake long after Lenalee had sobbed herself to sleep. He envied Kanda, having had the chance to say goodbye, and at the same time, he pitied the swordsman. If Kanda had truly been searching for the woman-that-was-Alma for all of his life, then he didn’t even have the threadbare reason to continue living that Krory had been provided with.

When he finally fell into sleep, Krory dreamt briefly of a beautiful woman with eyes like the sky, who took Eliade’s hand and allowed the other woman to lead her into the far distance.
Tags: character: krory, drabble

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