A black, star crossed sky (starcrossed_sky) wrote in starsdgmfic,
A black, star crossed sky

The Ballad of Two Angels

The fallen angel of love,
The tips of his wings brushing into the muck,
Held in his two hands the bloom of a lotus
Inside which was held the human soul he loved.

This heart that he had claimed as his own,
Each lifetime but a single petal,
Each time he had fallen yet again,
Each memory the deepest beloved secret of the angel's wish.

The rising angel of sadness,
Slim wings reaching into the sky,
Her hands were outstretched towards the ground,
Towards the earthly wonder that adored so much.

Her tears fell towards the ground
Her one despicable wish,
To be loved by that person
By the boy who had unknowingly captured her heart.

Angel of the sky, why do you cry?
Angel of the earth, what burden do you carry?
For the sake of the same beloved person,
They bury their secrets in the depths of time.

Believing that she was there to watch over his sin,
The angel of love never once spread his wings for the one he loved.
Believing that he was the mortal her human was intended to love,
The angel of sadness wished that her sinful wish might disappear.

Until that day, when as all humans must,
The beloved spark of life came to an end.
But this time it is too much for them both,
For two angels to watch their heart crash upon the ground.

The fallen angel, his eyes filled with tears,
Spreads his wings in full view of the world.
The perfect, sorrowful angel, a mortal name upon her lips,
Falls from the sky, her reaching hand too late.

It is there that they meet,
In the space between the sky and the earth,
Where they could not save the one they both loved,
The beautiful boy with the soul of a lotus in bloom.

The angel of love screams at the sky,
For the love that he will always have to pretend in order to touch.
The angel of sorrow stops, tears crashing towards the ground
For the fall that she has taken for her wish.

Their eyes meet, a shared thought of understanding,
She sobs into his shoulder with the knowledge of her sin,
He smiles, taking her hand in his
And into it places a single lotus seed.
Tags: alma/kanda/lenalee, au, fuck yeah ot3, poetry

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