A black, star crossed sky (starcrossed_sky) wrote in starsdgmfic,
A black, star crossed sky

Poem the first

We can never meet again,
So why do I dream of you?
Already my memories of your smile,
Grow hazy, like a fogged up mirror.

We can never meet again,
So why do I say "I'm sorry"?
Those times we smiled together,
They scatter, like shards of broken glass

"I beg of you, never forget."
Even at that time I smiled,
Why can't I forget your face that time,
"It's for your sake that I do this."

"I always loved you."
My hand reaches of its own for you,
I can't hide the tears any more,
"Why can't you understand?"

Perhaps someday, we will meet again,
Until then, I will dream of you.
Until then, please forgive me.
"Don't cry. I want to see you smile again."

Tags: alma/kanda, poetry

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