A black, star crossed sky (starcrossed_sky) wrote in starsdgmfic,
A black, star crossed sky

Poem the second

I reach out for you,
Blindly searching for what awaited me all along,
Thinking that I had pushed away the feelings that mattered most,
That my thoughts of you would only blur my sight,
When my heart was trying to show me the truth.

For just a moment, our hands clasped together,
Left me helplessly reminded of those times.
Your voice rings in my ears,
Echoing what my heart always knew,
The secret binding us together that drove us apart.

I won't let go.
As the end approaches, I can feel your tears,
All the unspoken words, flowing between us silently,
I don't question, you can't answer,
As together we fall from the sky I once sought.
Tags: alma/kanda, poetry

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